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*** PROMO: GALVANIS WELDED WIREMESH 4 mmx50x50 mmxRol 1,8x30 m = Rp 4.050.000/rol; Razor Wire BTO-22 450M = Rp 215.000/rol; Galvanis Steel Grating 1"x1/8"x0,9x6 m = Rp 3.250.000/lembar ***
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Mr. Afen Sin Nata
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SURABAYA 60136, Jawa Timur
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Supply: Galvanized Fence / BRC Fence / Wiremesh Feance( Hot Dip and Electroplating Galvanized) , Barbed Wire, and Wiremesh ...... " The Best Price & Quality You can Trust " . Other Product: BONDECK/ FLOOR DECK, GABION BOX, GALVANIZED WIRE, GALVALUM ROOF, RAZOR WIRE, GALVANIZED PIPE, ALUMINIUM LADDER.
Don' t hesitate to contact us at 031-503252, 51512323 or 71108880, and Email: utamapagar@
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